My goal is simple...

To make everything you do better than you ever thought possible


If you’ve been doing all the typical voice stuff with no results, you’ve discovered the big secret… those things don’t work. I don’t believe in standard exercises, typical warm ups or anything standardized and presented as a one-size-fits-all. Instead, my approach to coaching a voice is to find ways to customize the work. I prefer to set goals that are measurable, not only to you, but to everyone around you.


Voice problems can be frustrating. The faster you deal with them, the easier they are to fix. Whether you are just starting to notice trouble or have been having issues for a while, I'll work with you to assess the voice and design a custom approach to get you back to full vocal health.


Does the word THEORY scare you? Relax, it shouldn’t. If you’re making music, there’s got to be theory behind it. It’s just might not be traditional theory, which is fine, because I’m not a big fan of academic music theory. I prefer to think of it as practical theory, expanding what you already know to make you a better musician. Many times I’ve analyzed something a client wrote and asked “Do you know why that’s awesome?” And when the answer is NO, there’s an opportunity to understand what you did, so you can do it again.

At every step of the process, I strive to be a strong ally... doing everything I can to get to the very best possible you


Sometimes you can find it hard to capture your best performance in a recording. That’s where a vocal producer comes in. When I have that hat on, my sole focus is on you, the artist, and pulling out the most honest, authentic vocal, take after take. If I’ve done my job, you won’t have just one great take, but many, each with their own creative differences to choose from. And if I can get at least one moment where you can’t believe that is you… all the sweeter.


“Like I was never there”

My philosophy to tuning is for people to not even know anything was done. It’s not just about getting the pitch perfect, it’s also smoothing out rough moments in otherwise perfect takes. Often, when you find the emotion of a lyric, you can find yourself slipping technically. Since we’d rather have the emotion than perfection, that’s where tuning comes in. I meticulously comb through the vocal line, hand tweaking every word, every sound to try and match the recording to the sound in your head.

Can I Tune A Bad Voice Audition

Listen to me make an attempt at "fixing" a bad audition. Complete with before and after tuning. Would Simon, Randy, Kara and Neil approve?

Every client is unique in their needs. Therefore, I create a customized approach to achieve the goals we set up


If the support you need includes recorded piano or voice tracks, I can produce those elements in my studio and deliver those files to you or your producer. Whether you need audio or MIDI tracks, I can provide the performance you need to compliment your project.

I can create:
- Piano Tracks
- Background Vocals
- Demo Vocals
- Software Instrument Tracks
and more

How To Get Started

Every client, every project, every need is unique. So the best way to proceed is to introduce yourself and your goals.

Fill out this form and give me an idea of what you're looking for. From there we can talk more details.